Bucket List: McGriff, 81, reportedly becomes oldest driver to race NASCAR

Herschel McGriff has been racing since the fifties, winning four NASCAR Cup races in 1954, and doing a few stints at Le Mans as well. In 2002, McGriff set a record for being the most chronologically advanced driver to run in a NASCAR-sanctioned event. Last weekend, he broke his own record.

Piloting a 2003 DEI Chevy, McGriff ran in the Camping West World Series at Portland International Raceway and came in 13th out of 28 drivers. And that's after starting at the back of the pack and a lap down because of a carburetor change after qualifying.

Said McGriff: "I did not want to go out there and flop around." Mission accomplished, Mr. McGriff... and well done at that. If he gets his way, he'll break his record again at the race in Tooele, Utah on August 1.

[Source: News & Observer | Image: McGriff Motorsports]

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