The family soap opera surrounding the attempted takeover over of Volkswagen by Porsche may soon conclude if a reported deal is approved next week. Porsche SE, the holding company that owns automaker Porsche AG, has attempted to secure its independence by acquiring a controlling interest in Volkswagen. Unfortunately for Porsche, the economic downturn has put the company in danger of insolvency thanks to a hefty debt load.
In the midst of all the financial maneuverings, a personal drama has steadily unfolded as well. Porsche is controlled by the descendants of Ferdinand Porsche's children, Ferry Porsche and Louise Piëch. The leaders of the Porsche and Piëch branches of the family, Wolfgang Porsche and Ferdinand Piëch, have been at odds throughout this entire process. Piëch is chairman of VW's supervisory board, while cousin Wolfgang holds a similar position at the family business. As the sequence of events progressed, it appeared that Wolfgang Porsche was trying to oust his cousin, while Ferdinand Piëch was trying to eliminate Porsche CEO Wendelin Weideking.

It now appears that the two companies have reached an agreement that will allow Porsche SE pay off much of its €10 billion+ debt. If approved, Volkswagen would pay €8 billion for Porsche in two stages. The first would give VW 49.9%, with the rest coming at a later date.

[Source: Reuters | Image: David Hecker/Getty]

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