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Ever wonder about your friend who's been converting an old Ranger to battery power? He's a nut. Or the lady who runs Electric Cars Are For Girls? Off her rocker. This is according to MSNBC, which wrote recently that electric cars have, until recently, been the domain of the "lunatic fringe."

In an article that talks about the bright near future for electric vehicles, MSNBC uses the terms "fanatics," which can be kind of charming, and the "lunatic fringe," which is less so. MSNBC says that, "while everyone won't be propelled by electrons anytime soon, for the first time, everyone can at least consider that as an option when the buy their next car." Guess the lunatic fringe is making its mark.

We learned about this little bit of name calling from our friend Chelsea Sexton, who's probably as responsible as anyone for giving EV fans their crazy edge. Good work, Chelsea.

[Source: MSNBC via Chelsea Sexton]

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