They're doin' it again. Over a decade after the first trip across America in an electric car was made in 1998 in an EV1, a similar odyssey has just kicked off. This morning, the gleaming white Renew America Roadtrip Tesla Roadster set off on a journey that will take it, and its support crew following behind in plug-ins and hybrids, from sea to shining sea. The trip will not only raise money for charity but also attempt to put to rest various and sundry myths about the viability of electric cars. As it was put by one of their supporters:
The Renew America Roadtrip™ (RAR) flies in the face of the "impractical" sticker that has for some long been illegitimately slapped onto the electric car. By driving across the United States in an unmodified PRODUCTION electric vehicle, the RAR team will in a very tangible, visible, and undeniable way address the myths and propaganda that have been used to "Kill the Electric Car" in the past; namely range and charging facilities.
The RAR team will make plenty of stops along the way to take part in different awareness raising events including today's visit with the West Philly Hybrid X extreme team. You can check out their website for the total list and if they happen to be passing through your area in the next couple weeks, feel free to meet up with them. As with many endeavors undertaken today, you can be their friend on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and check out their videos on YouTube. Speaking of video, hit the jump to watch two of the project's co-founders, Michael and Maddy, first meet up with Roadster #245.

[Source: Renew America Roadtrip]

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