West Philly X Prize team's Hybrid Attack on the street [w/VIDEO]

West Philly Hybrid X Team's vehicle - Click above to watch the video after the break

We got to meet the West Philly Hybrid X Team's Hybrid Attack at the New York Auto Show last year. Now, the students at the inner-city public high school West Philadelphia High School Academy for Automotive and Mechanical Engineering are being called a "top-10 contender in Progressive Automotive X Prize." Not sure who's doing the ranking, but the phrase comes from America.gov, which is launching "Recharging Transportation: Green Technology Education" series with a video about the school and the car.

The hybrid Attack burns biodiesel and gets about 60 mpg, according to 16-year-old Sowande in the video. That leaves 40 mpg to go to reach the AXP's 100 mpg target, but this is still an impressive effort from high school students. Learn more about the car here.

[Source: America.gov]


America.gov Launches "Recharging Transportation: Green Technology Education"
Video Featuring Innovative High School Electric Vehicle Program

West Philly Hybrid X Team is considered top-10 contender in Progressive Automotive X Prize.

July 13, 2009 – Washington, DC – The future of fuel-efficient transportation is being developed in a West Philadelphia public high school. An underdog group of inner-city teenagers, known as the "West Philly Hybrid X Team" is proving that, with a vivid imagination and strong teamwork, anyone is capable of building fast cars that push the limits of fuel efficiency.

The West Philly Hybrid X Team was founded by physics and math teacher, Simon Hauger, in 1998. His mission was to give students an opportunity for hands-on learning through a series of fuel-efficient auto challenges. Though the team has been considered outmatched in the past, they have consistently won competitions against well-funded private teams and universities like MIT. Now the team is preparing for their biggest challenge yet – the international Progressive Automotive X Prize. They are considered a Top 10 contender in the quest to design and build a car capable of driving 100 miles-per-gallon.

"Recharging Transportation: Green Technology Education" Video Available for Distribution

America.gov has produced a video highlighting the West Philly Hybrid X Team as a positive example of hands-on education and new energy automotive technology. The video profiles the teenaged team members and their devoted teachers as they explain their enthusiasm for fast cars and green technology.

The short documentary (02:29) features an inside look at the high school garage where the team works on their fuel-efficient supercars. Through interviews with team leaders and student team members, the team's winning track record is highlighted. Footage of exciting sports cars and hybrid batteries and engines are featured. The team gives a sneak peek of their newest project: an entry into the Progressive Automotive X Prize capable of driving 100 miles-per-gallon.

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