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Thanks to a reader tip, we've been introduced to a new series of four-wheeled personal transportation vehicles from a company called JMC Motoronics. The oddly-named Tumtumcar comes in a few different flavors, from a fully human-powered model to a gas-powered machine with a small 33cc engine sending power to the rear wheels via a CVT transmission.

The machines we're most interested in, though, are the ones powered by electrons. The Tumtumcar Series E comes equipped with the buyers choice of a single 350 Watt motor, dual 350 Watt motors, dual 700 Watt motors or dual 1000 Watt motors. In each case, the vehicle is powered by a 7Ah battery pack putting out 36 volts. Pricing ranges from $2,750 on the low end to $3,650 for the highest performing model.

According to the official website, a hybrid Phoenix model is set to debut shortly featuring both a 6.5-horsepower gasoline engine and any of the available electric motor options. Depending on the laws in your part of the country, JMC Motoronics claims these machines may be classified as bicycles and therefore require no special licensing.

Practical for everyday use? Perhaps not, but they do look like fun. Thanks for the tip, Montenna!

[Source: Tumtumcar]

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