Alfa Romeo Milano spy shots -- Click above for image gallery

We're not entirely sure where they originated, but some brazen soul has taken a series of camera phone photos of what appears to be a brace of production-line Alfa Romeo Milano hatchbacks. Although low-res, these shots provide the best look yet at the Italian automaker's forthcoming model, with blurry glimpses inside-and-out of what looks for all the world like a plus-sized MiTo (not a bad thing). From the appearance of things, the shots were taken in an Alfa production facility (they're likely early production small batch cars), suggesting that the model is nearly ready for its debut... perhaps in Frankfurt?

The voluptuous five-door certainly integrates styling cues from the smaller MiTo (which itself sought design assistance from the gorgeous 8C Competizione supercar), particularly up front, but the rear end eschews the Mito's traditional round brakelamps for larger, whistle-shaped horizontally oriented units. In typical Alfa fashion, the hatchback also receives a handsome looking instrument panel with a pair of tunneled main gauges (speedometer and tachometer), as well as simple rotary controls for the HVAC system and plenty of metal (or metal-effect) trim.

As you may recall, the Milano was reportedly one of the vehicles named in internal documents as one of the offerings that Alfa will use to spearhead the automaker's return to North American soil. There has been some discussion that Stateside model plans between Fiat, Chrysler, and Alfa will be tweaked, but as far as we know, the hatch is still a solid bet for the U.S. market. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

[Source: Facebook via Carscoop]

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