Toyota iQ-based Aston Martin Cygnet concept - Click above to enlarge

We're still not sure what to think about Aston Martin's foray into microcar territory with its Cygnet concept, which is based heavily on the diminutive Toyota iQ. In reality, the supercar-spec front fascia treatment doesn't look all that bad when applied to the Japanese runabout, but there are legitimate concerns that the mere presence of the Cygnet in Aston's lineup will severely damage the brand's good reputation among petrolheads. Perhaps in an effort to appease the critics, Aston Martin chief Dr. Ulrich Bez covered his bases when talking to Auto Express:
Until now, small cars offered a message that people are buying something cheap. The Cygnet will show that small cars can also make a statement. It will be an intelligent purchase for people concerned about the environment, but who also want to enjoy all the luxury associated with a premium brand such as Aston Martin.
Chief among the upgrades Aston Martin plans to make to the basic iQ platform will be an interior swathed in the finest leathers, wood trims and carbon fiber. Sounds nice, but we still question whether the effort will seem disingenuous in light of the Cygnet's plebeian roots.

[Source: Auto Express]

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