The Mini Mille Miglia -- Click above for image gallery

This weekend saw the running of the first Mini Mille Miglia. No affiliation to the famous touring event, the Mini Mille is a greatly scaled down version of the race. How scaled down? Well, it's run on a digital Scalextric track for 1/32-scale slot cars in Umbria, Italy. Put on to benefit Alzheimer's research, the Mini Mille was a full 3-day program of public activities, including 14 different races throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Event founder Graham Lane built a 30-meter track tucked amid an Italian countryside: 20 meters of it is a central circuit, sightseers can dip off into a 10-meter loop into a forest-lined valley and over an aqueduct. Participants could either go with their cars to Umbria to race in person, or could send their cars and have them driven -- and photographed and videotaped -- just for the experience.

While it's too late to enter this year's race, it's not too late to start prepping your miniature runner for next year's Mini Mille Miglia. Nor is it too late to have a gander at the gallery of images below.

[Source: Mini Mille Miglia via Pistonheads | Photo credit: Jaak Beentjes]

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