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We love Ford Mustangs of all shapes and sizes, and the age-old adage of "the more power the better" definitely applies. Scott Vanderschoor, a regular on Bang Shift forums, is working on one hell of a pony car; one that carries the panache of a 'Stang and the power of a Dodge Viper – with a pair of turbochargers providing a little additional motivation. Unsurprisingly, Vanderschoor reportedly needed to move back the firewall a half foot to make room for the massive 8.4L V10 engine, but we're guessing the labor will pay off with some absolutely incredible power numbers.

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to see Vanderschoor's big beast as it turns over on camera for the first time. The sound is a bit different than you'd expect from a typical Mustang V8 growl and we're guessing that it has a little more oomph under the hood than most pony cars on the road – even before Vanderschoor tuning gets sorted out. This is one Mustang project we're looking forward to seeing more of! Check out the gallery below in addition to the video after the jump.Thanks for the tip, Brian L!

[Source: Bang Shift]

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