The final days of MG were disastrous and disastrously expensive. The British government finally has an accounting of what happened, but it only adds to both sides of the disaster: the report took four years and £16 million ($26 million U.S.) for CPA firm BDO Stoy Howard to compile.

For now, various government figures are upset about the delay and the cost. BDO is reported to have spent more than £130,000 ($214,000 U.S.) on hotels and expenses, leading to charges of the firm "living like kings" while MG's workers were living on government support. The report hasn't been released yet, so no one knows what it says. When it is made public, if the MG story continues as it has, what's actually in the report will probably be just as hard to swallow as the lead-up to it.

[Source: Sunday Mercury]

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