Tong Jian S11 - Click above for image gallery

Somehow, we managed to miss China's first-ever hybrid sports car at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this year. The car is called the S11 from Tong Jian – which incidentally also seems to be the name of a popular Chinese figure skater – but details on the car's hybrid powertrain are extremely scarce. China Car Times reports that all four wheels are powered in some manner, but that's about all we know.

It's obvious that the S11's designers looked to the Audi R8 and any number of recent Ferraris for design inspiration, both inside and out. As far as we can tell, the resulting mashup isn't all that bad – minus the one-size-too-small alloy rims and those awkward Audi-esque blades on either side.

If CCT's sources are correct, design work on the Tong Jian S11 has been completed and the hybrid sports car should be headed for production at an unknown plant in Changchun city in short order.

[Source: China Car Times]

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