Who'll replace Mosley as FIA President? Could be...Mosley

With Max Mosley due to end his tenure as president of the FIA in October, the recent rift between the current Formula One championship and the Formula One Teams Association has apparently been healed. Now the big question on everyone's minds in the motorsport world is: Who will replace Mosley?

Speculation has already grown its legs, with several rumored candidates already being vetted in the motorsport press. The most obvious candidate is Michel Boeri, who currently presides over both the Monaco automobile club as well as the FIA senate and who, according to some earlier reports, is already stepping in to take over some of Mosley's responsibilities. Mosley, however, refuted such reports, and doesn't think Boeri would be interested in his job. Current FIA Vice-President Hermann Tomczyk, who was touted as a potential Mosley replacement amidst the latter's recent scandal, told members of the German press he's not interested in the job, either.

Meanwhile, many are looking to Jean Todt, the former Ferrari team principal who recently retired (save for his liaison role between the Scuderia and the FIA) and who has long been touted as a potential FIA president. Toyota team principal and FOTA veep John Howett says the association would prefer someone with no ties to any of the teams, but he also noted that it'll be the FIA's own constituents who will have the final say and not the teams association.

For his part, Mosley says he'll endorse a specific candidate if there is more than one in the running. As reported earlier, the always controversial and embattled figure says he's owed an apology from FOTA for what he claims were blatant misrepresentations to the media about the nature of the agreement between the two motorsport groups. If he doesn't get his apology, Mosley says he could call the whole thing off and stand for re-election in October, which would make this whole discussion rather academic, to say nothing of the future of the sport and its regulatory body.

[Sources: Autosport and F1-Live | Image: Clive Mason/Getty]

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