We've seen bicycles powered by batteries, fuel cells and even human strength here at ABG but the "R-01 NAN" may be our first look at a contemporary steam-powered bicycle. Sure, we knew they existed but we never imagined someone would think that riding around with both a furnace and a tank full pressurized steam between their legs would be an ideal transportation solution. Apparently though, Rusnan does and he's proud enough of his homemade machine to let us know that it's been given space on a (Indonesian language) bicycle-centric blog.

Though an interesting study in locomotion, we're not totally convinced of its green credentials. Even if burning biomass (i.e wood), the "exhaust" would likely have plenty of particulates and if it's burning coal, well, that's no way to fend off gloabal warming. Performance-wise, it's estimated the bike will go between 50 and 75 mph and takes about 15 minutes to build up enough steam to get rolling. Though we're not sure if a top-speed run will be attempted, we sure hope this thing has brakes.

[Source: Sepeda.wordpress]

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