"If you stop coal, you stop global warming."

Sure, we all like to imagine the day when the whole world can drive ultra-clean cars, but all our hybrids and biodiesel trucks and solar-powered Priuses won't make a lick of difference in the fight to stop or slow global warming, says Ed Mazria, founder of Architecture 2030.
Mazria was speaking at the West Coast Green conference last week and his overall message is that green (i.e., carbon neutral) buildings are the only way to really make a difference. These buildings are built to use passive cooling and natural lighting and have solar panels. Think of Ford's Heritage Project.

"The only fossil fuel that can fuel global warming is coal. If you stop coal, you stop global warming. End of story," Mazria said, according to C-NET.

Coal-free living affects us at AutoblogGreen not only because it's an environmental issue, but because coal generates about half of the electric power in the U.S, and that percentage will probably increase. And how else are the masses going to power up their electric cars?

C-NET's Michael Kanellos captured a lot of astounding tidbits from Mazria's speech. I'll give you one, and you can go to the source for more:

The emissions from a single coal-fired power plant for one month will negate the efforts Wal-Mart is putting forth to curb its emissions. Wal-Mart wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent in seven years.


[Source: Michael Kanellos, CNET]

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