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Fuel-cell bicycles. It's an idea that comes around every couple of years. Or about seven. It's a complicated process, but then again, so is procuring a little hydrogen.

Using a bicycle as an alternative mode of transportation to a car can certainly be an appealing proposition sometimes. But if you live in a city that's got a lot of hills it can be pretty tough going too. In those times a little assist can come in handy and a new bike from the Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Source Technology Co. can help. They're showing off a fuel cell assisted bike at a conference in China.

If the cost of a fuel cell-powered car like the Honda FCX or Chevy Sequel is too steep for you budget but you want to go with hydrogen, you can try the Hydrocell bike. The bike was developed by a British company called Valeswood Technology Development uses a metal hydride storage tank integrated with an alkaline fuel cell stack.