Daimler's Dieter Zetsche has called 2009 a "Darwin year" for the car business, with the weak and the lame being pulled down by larger forces. Surprisingly, Porsche was one of those businesses that nearly went under, and it has been looking for help almost anywhere it could get it. Reuters says that Germany's Manager Magazin recently reported that Porsche and Daimler held talks in May regarding Daimler taking a stake in either Porsche or VW in order to help Porsche balance its books.

The article asserted that Zetsche and Porsche's Wendelin Wiedeking were looking at options including a cash exchange for a piece of Porsche, or a derivatives purchase from Porsche that would then be converted in VW shares. Spokesmen for both carmakers has since called the report "pure speculation" and are refusing to comment further. If such a scenario were explored, we know how it would help Porsche -- but what would it do for Daimler?

[Source: Reuters]

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