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Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM isn't ready to give up on the two-stroke powerplant just yet, despite the difficulties in achieving acceptable emissions levels with such engines. Speaking at a recent dealer meeting, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer said:
At KTM the two-stroke will continue to remain an integral part of the future model planning. It was always clear to us that the two-stroke engine would play an important role.
Besides working to engineer cleaner-burning small-bore two-stroke powerplants, KTM is also continuing work on its 125cc streetbike project with Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj. According to Motorcycle USA, that machine is likely to make an appearance at EICMA in Milan this November.

Also in the upcoming product pipeline is the promised electric enduro bike that we're expecting to show up sometime in 2011. Sounds like KTM's got it's hands full. Says Pierer:
There will be good opportunities for all of this technology. Also, with the range of engine development, we must consider a market situation that will be more intensely specialized and directed toward niches.

[Source: Dealernews, Motorcycle USA]

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