While ethanol blended into gasoline can be a comparative good deal (or a possible scam), there's also good money to be made ignoring the biofuel altogether. At least, that's the case for two gas stations in Brevard County, Florida that proudly sell ethanol-free gasoline.

The driving force for the pure gasoline comes, unsurprisingly, from boaters and from motorcycle riders, but also people who want the extra mpgs that come from ditching ethanol. The fuel is sold as recreational gasoline and one station owner calls it a "more rare product." It will get even more rare in a few years. 2011 is a deadline for all gasoline sold in Florida - except for fuel intended for boats, collector cars and small engines - to contain at least some ethanol. For now, anyone can fill up using recreational gasoline, and Florida Today talked to some SUV and boat owners who were more than willing to drive out of their way to the two stations for the corn-free gas.

[Source: Florida Today]

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