It doesn't take a genius to figure out why Hollywood is working on a film about a car company going kaput. You might wonder, however, why three different factions are working on another movie about John Z. DeLorean. Brett Ratner is collaborating with producer Robert Evans on one pic, and Face/Off producer David Permut has another version in the works. Now Time, Inc Studios becomes the third horse in the race, working from material published in Time and Fortune magazines and an unpublished memoir penned by DeLorean himself.

While Ratner's project has name recognition associated with it, Time appears to have the in-house material and the blessing of John's son Zachary, who is executor to the estate. Still, with three studios on the case, the DeLorean film's production isn't assured, even though one producer said, "It's almost like an updated Citizen Kane story of the great American entrepreneurial hero, and how it all went wrong." If the DeLorean biopic ever does get made, it'll probably be like Tucker, but with more women, more cocaine, and more stainless steel. Which isn't a bad thing. Thanks for the tip, Neil!

[Source: The Independent]

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