EVA Track T800CDI diesel motorcycle - Click above for high-res image gallery

Curious what it's like to ride a diesel-powered adventure motorcycle equipped with a CVT transmission? So are we, but at least we can get a general idea from Motorcycle News in the UK, which is the first media outlet to score a test ride on the new Evaproducts Track T800CDI. As much as we'd love to say the bike passed its first test with flying colors, that doesn't quite seem to be the case.

While there's seemingly little to complain about from a powerplant that manages to put out a stout 78 lb-ft of torque and an equally impressive 115 or so miles per gallon (140 mpg in the UK), MCN found that the engine delivers that power along with a lot of noise, vibration and smelly fumes. In this case, tractor-like isn't used as a compliment, and even with all that torque, the 45 horsepower mill reportedly propels the bike in a rather liesurely fashion.

Besides the unlovable powerplant, MCN had nice things to say about the bike's chassis and build quality. Let's face it, though – this machine's claim to fame is its unique (for a motorcycle, at least) smart-sourced diesel engine and automatic transmission. Naturally, we'll reserve final judgement until more ride reports hit the interwebs, but this initial review doesn't sound all that promising.

[Source: Motorcycle News]

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