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We're clearly fans of the Kia Soul, in case you couldn't tell after reading our recent reviews of the Korean brand's new urban road warrior. One of our few gripes is that we can't order a Soul with as many cool features and accessories as you can in Europe. That may soon change as our recent trip to Seattle to drive the new Forte sedan (review coming soon) revealed.

Quietly on display was this special edition Soul, which we have confirmed will be called the Denim Soul and arrive at a dealer near you soon. We have no other details because Kia isn't talking, but you can tell from our gallery that this aesthetic package will certainly set your Soul apart. From its white wheels to the split stripe, this Soul has a little something extra. And while we didn't see the interior, we're almost certain it's called the Denim Soul because that's what Kia named this shade of blue, not because the seat upholstery is made of hard-wearing Levis like a certain AMC we remember. We'll let you know more and soon as Kia opens up with official info.

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