Lee Iacocca loves him some Chrysler. He cared enough about the Pentastar to rescue the automaker from bankruptcy back in 1979, and now in retirement as the honorary chairman of the National Chrysler Retirement Association, he's offering his support for his former employer post-bankruptcy. Iacocca, along with 19,000 Chrysler retirees, took out a full page ad in the Detroit News offering any means of support necessary to help the new Chrysler succeed. The ad offered help in "any way capacity you might require," and added, "just put us to work." It also showed the retirees' approval for the Fiat alliance; something that didn't come as easily when Daimler became Chrysler's overlord.

The heart-felt advert may have had an ulterior agenda, though. The open letter said that it hoped there were "some exceptions that we hope will be reevaluated," which is likely a reference to the axing of executive retirement packages. For many current and former Chrysler employees, Iacocca is an icon for what Chrysler can do if it gets its priorities straight. We're hoping Fiat takes him up on his offer, because if you can find a better executive willing to work for free, take him.

[Source: The Detroit News | Image: Paul Hawthorne/Getty]

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