The first official TTXGP qualifying runs were completed yesterday in a flurry of "firsts" and are now in the record books. Of the 20 bikes listed as participants, only 14 managed to make it to the start gate, and of those, merely 10 completed the 37.72 mile (60.7 km) mountain course. One of the bikes absent on the first day, the innovative EV-0 RR, was still being built, but despite the realization the team now has no chance of winning, hopes to be present for the next qualifying run.

The afternoon clearly belonged to Team Agni, who turned in the quickest time of 26 minutes and 41.39 seconds with an average speed of 84.819 mph (136.5 km/h). Their rider, veteran Rob Barber, coaxed the bike up to 102 mph for the speed gun along the Sulby straight. The most unfortunate TTXGP "first" befell David Madsen-Mygdal as the motor of the eRockit entry beneath him seized up and, after a brief struggle, sent him sprawling at speed across the pavement. Luckily he escaped with a destroyed helmet, minor injuries to an elbow and a bruised hip. He plans to ride again if the bike is repaired in time.

You can listen to 40 minutes of audio from the day here. Hit the jump for the official results as well as video of a newsclip of the race including a bit from the eRockit spill. As a bonus, we also have a video shot by Mission Motor folks of the bikes getting ready behind the start gate and rolling off. Enjoy, and drive safely.

[Source: TTXGP / Mission Motors / Motorcycle News]
Photo: creative commons by Frank Schuengel

PRO Class times
Team Agni (Rob Barber): 26:41.39 (84.819 mph lap)
Mission Motors (Thomas Montano): 33:45.98 (67.043 mph)
XXL Racing (Thomas Schoenfelder): 34.07.44 (66.341 mph)
Brammo (Roy Richardson): 35:47.76 (63.242 mph)
Brammo (Mark Buckley): 35:52.11 (63.114 mph)
HTBLAUVA (Paul Dobbs): 41:53.00 (54.050 mph)

Open Class times
ManTTx Racing (Dan Kneen): 32:01.81 (70.677 mph)
Barefoot Motors Racing (Chris Petty): 33:35.09 (67.405 mph)
Electric Motorsport (Chris Heath): 36:26.47 (62.122 mph)
Kingston University (George Spence): 40:44.77 (55.559 mph)

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