The house of the Winged B teases the New Grand Bentley [w/VIDEO]

The New Grand Bentley - Click above for high-res image

Aspiring Thomas Crowns have been waiting for a brand new Bentley to replace the Arnage for too long. Grab your monocles and have a look, chaps – what you see above is an initial taste of "the height of British luxury motoring" and "the purest expression of the Bentley spirit." Simply called the New Grand Bentley, this is what will replace the long-serving Arnage (and its 50-year-old V8?) as Brahmin at the top of the Bentley caste.

What can we discern from this shadowy glimpse? Unless the Photoshopped lighting effects deceive us, the bonnet goes from being a trap hood to a clamshell affair; the fenders lose one of their detail lines; and if the perspective is accurate, we are loving the swept grille. For you purist Anglophiles, be proud: the car has been designed and engineered in Crewe, and will be built there to boot.

Anything more than that will have to wait for the car to debut this summer. In the meantime, you can also visit (which will probably be a glamorous tease served on a silver tray), scrutinize a high-res version of the photo above, and check out a 19-second video clip after the jump.

[Source: Bentley]


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