For all of you who aren't Apple fanboys and haven't been refreshing Engadget's live coverage of the 2009 WWDC this afternoon, there's some major news involving everyone's favorite little smart phone and two big auto-related companies.

The first is a new app from TomTom that was previewed back in January but finally became official today. The long awaited TomTom app will turn your iPhone into a full feature navigation system, a function this phone's been sorely lacking for quite a while despite housing the hardware to make it happen. While pricing wasn't given, TomTom will also be offering a mounting accessory that will hold the phone in either portrait or landscape mode and charge it while you navigate.

The other app is from car sharing service Zipcar. This one's particularly neat, allowing a user to locate him or herself relative to the nearest available car for rent, purchase the drive time and even unlock the car's door, all from inside the app. The program's ease of use could make a big impact on Zipcar's popularity, as currently the only way to make reservations is through the web.

[Source: Engadget]

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