BMW's equivalent of Deep Throat has divulged a host of information on the marque's coming plans for its premium entry level range incorporating the 1-Series and Z2, and a new line of Y vehicles. According to the mole, Scott26, the 1 will break into three different levels: Traditional, Lifestyle, and Sporting. They will be underpinned by a modular platform that could be differentiated among models and also serve as the basis for the next MINI.

The Traditional line will include the 1-Series along with Active Hybrid and Sport Compact versions. Sporting will comprise the 1-Series and Z2 coupe and cabriolet, plus a Supersports version of the 1 and a 135i Lightweight Performance Concept. Lifestyle counts the 1-Series Gran Turismo, the X1, X2, and the Y1.

As Scott27 breaks it down, the full lineup will advance the capabilities of Efficient Dynamics, and a hybrid version of each car will be offered. As well, the cars will "resist the usual jump in weight by using lightweight materials and sophisticated bonding techniques." What would be weighty at that point is the number of BMW's offerings, with 12 cars alone mentioned here, not counting the hatch models.

And what is the Y1? Strictly a proposal at this point, the line would be for those who want more "identity and creativity" in their Sports Activity Vehicles. A "dynamic , lighter and more personal" SAV than the X6, the Y1 is laid out as a 2-door, 2-seat "hybrid of an X with the aura of a Z." Think of a de-Bangled X Coupe. Thanks for the tip, Andrew!

[Source: 1 Addicts]

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