VIDEO: Jeremy Piven's The Goods tackles ever-fertile comedic ground of used car sales

The Goods trailer: Click above to watch the preview after the jump

The used car salesman is typically thought of as a bit of a slime ball. You know the guy. Hair greased to the side, cheesy sport coat, promises you anything to get you to buy. But if you get down to brass tacks, a real used car guy can flat out ball on the sales floor. The creators of Talladega Nights and Step Brothers want to take the used car salesman to a new level of awesomeness with a new movie called The Goods, and Jeremy Piven is playing the Don Ready, the lead character. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Judging from the two-minute preview, The Goods looks like equal parts Used Cars with Kurt Russell and just about any movie Will Ferrell ever made. Piven plays the ring leader of a used car sales person dream team that goes out to any dealer in need of help pushing metal. He smokes, he drinks, and he swears a lot, but he also gets the job done. Hit the jump to watch the preview and judge for yourself. There is also an unedited version of the trailer (beware, lots of swearing) that exposes the upcoming movie as what it really is: vulger, politically incorrect, and probably very funny. Hat tip to Adam.

[Source: Live hard, Sell hard].

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