After reporting on the NHTSA recall of 2008 Zap Xebras we heard back from Zap spokesman Alex Campbell. The federal government doesn't actually do all the regulatory compliance testing for new vehicles. Manufacturers or distributors either do the testing themselves or pay a testing company to do it for them. The test results are then submitted to the government for approval. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration then does some testing to audit the results for conformance. It was during one of these conformance tests that NHTSA found that the brakes of the Xebra were not able to meet the requirements of FMVSS 122 although they did pass during the original test.

Campbell told ABG:
ZAP has been working to respond to and insure a brake modification to meet the stopping distance requirement. The motorcycle guidelines are designed for freeway speeds, while the Xebra was designed to travel at city speeds. No incidents or injuries related to this braking compliance have been reported to us.

We have been examining the manufacturing procedures and technical support to establish methods so our authorized service centers have a modification to bring the brakes for the 2008 Xebras into compliance. We have had ongoing discussions regarding this with NHTSA and an independent testing lab and have proposed several minor modifications to the braking system as the most efficient and effective solution. We are now waiting on the testing of these modifications and hope to hear back within the next several days that they have certified the modifications.
As soon as Zap gets approval for its changes, it will work with dealers to get the vehicles upgraded.

[Source: Zap]

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