It's never too early to begin teaching kids the merits of an eco-friendly lifestyle. This point was driven home by members of Cub Scouts packs 294 and 261, who were recently tasked with the responsibility of creating full-size derby carts completely from recycled materials. Says Patrick Martin, leader of Cub Scout Pack 261:
No. 1 is to teach the boys even though something may have come to the end of its useful life in one aspect, it may be helpful in another aspect. So think twice before you throw something away.
Brothers Joseph and Luke Redlawski created a derby car that featured a frame made from repurposed wood from a friend's dismantled barn, front wheels from a wagon and rear wheels from a golf cart. Yes, there were a few crashes, but, judging from the story at The Times Herald, the kids had fun.

[Source: The Times Herald via Green Launches]

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