The Japanese market has never been particularly fond of diesel cars, but Subaru is getting ready to try anyway. Subaru launched its first diesel boxer engine in Europe in 2008 and so far has sold over 30,000 examples. The diesel accounts for 54.1 percent of Legacy sales in Europe right now. With new emissions regulations set to take effect in Japan in 2010, Subaru is working on improving its diesel before offering it in the home market. At theNew York Auto Show we spoke to Subaru spokesman Dominic Infante who re-affirmed that Subaru still has plans to offer its diesel in the U.S. sometime in the next decade.

Subaru also plans to start leasing of its electric Stella mini car this summer in Japan for commercial fleet customers. At some point in the coming decade, Subaru also plans to offer hybrid vehicles based on Toyota technology.

[Source: Nikkei via Green Car Congress]

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