On June 3rd, Miles EV will unveil their new, highway-speed all-electric 4-door sedan and offer up the first test rides. A new strategic partner for the automaker best know for its low-speed vehicles will also be named. Miles EV CEO Kevin Czinger will make the announcement in Santa Monica, and discuss future plans for the car, which won't carry the Miles EV name, and the company's new high-speed EV brand. The rebranding of the full-speed EV has been a long time coming (see here and here). For the history majors, Miles first mentioned a highway-speed sedan back in 2007 with the name Javlon XS500 and an expected price of $30,000.

While many details of the new car are still secret, we've heard rumors that the car will cost around $45,000 when it becomes available in limited quantities in early 2010. By the end of 2010, full sales should start, and Miles hopes to sell 20,000 units annually starting in 2011.

[Source: Miles]

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