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Despite thousands of people signing up for a chance to lease the MINI E, only 500 are being produced at this stage, with 50 of those destined for Berlin. Now, after months of winnowing down the list, the very first car has been delivered to one very happy customer. After meeting all the necessary requirements and having a charger installed in his garage, Peter Trepp took delivery of his shiny new ride last Friday. He had actually just test-driven one the day before and had learned then of his impending good fortune.

Numbered 111, the electric two-seater is Peter's to enjoy for a year and he already expects that the parting will be difficult. His first drive in his car, like ours, occurred in bad L.A. traffic but he was more than OK with that and enjoyed that entire slow ride home. Trepp advises other future MINI E "pioneers" that they will quickly get used to not having to touch the brake pedal. The regenerative braking is relatively strong and, he says, "not bad at all." Drivers won't have to worry about the people behind them being unaware when the car's momentum decreases as the brake lights will come on when the foot is lifted from the accelerator. You can follow Peters MINI E experience at his blog which he has diligently been updating since March. Congrats sir, and enjoy.

[Source: Plugged-In With Peter's Mini E via USA Today]

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