Warren mayor wants requirement for all municipal works to 'Buy American'

Calling it "economic and consumer patriotism," the mayor of Warren, Michigan wants to make it compulsory for city officials to buy American cars. Jim Fouts says that 15% of his fiscal budget depends on the auto industry, and the city's two most lucrative tax payers are General Motors and Chrysler. Therefore, in order to support the folks who support the town -- and in turn, take care of the taxpayer -- he's trying to expand the order he gave last year that required his appointees to Buy American.
The mayor hasn't said he'll fire or lay off someone who doesn't buy American. Yet when asked if he would, he has said things like "they are at-will employees in a strong mayor form of government... and they can be terminated at any time. I believe they know that and with that in mind I strongly urge that they buy American."

Of course, at least one person has come out and rung the constitutional bell, saying "It comes down to liberty... I don't see how they can tell you how to spend your money." However, Fouts says he has had no complaints so far.

[Source: Freep]

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