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The main job of a safety car in racing is to slow the pace of the race during a crash or help bring cars to a stop in the event that debris needs to be removed from the track. The safety car is usually provided by an OEM sponsor that pays for the right to slap flashing lights on the hood, and in the case of last weekend's FIA WTTC race in Pau, France, the safety car was the Chevy Cruze. Unfortunately for BMW driver Franz Engstler, this Cruze wasn't exactly the safest safety car.

After a minor crash left another car stranded on the track, the Cruze safety car pulled out of the pits and veered far left just after getting out of the gates. Engstler's BMW 320si never had a chance, as the Cruze shot right into his path. The BMW's rear passenger tire was ripped off on impact, knocking Engstler out of the race completely. Coincidentally, with Engstler and his BMW out, Alain Menu took the top podium spot behind the wheel of a – you guessed it – Chevy Cruze. Follow the jump to see the action for yourself. Thanks to everyone for the tip!

[Source: YouTube]

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