We happen to love Google StreetView for the fun things that can be found using the free service. Ugly Buicks, Porsches testing in Colorado and even a rare split-window Corvette barn find are just a few of the many, many things uncovered by Google's free service, which snaps 360-degree images at eye level using specially equipped cars with roof-mounted cameras. Of course, there are going to be privacy concerns when you hire people to drive around with a camera on a stick and take pictures, and complaints coming out of Japan have reportedly forced Google to go back to the drawing board and reshoot the entire country.

The complaints center around the fact that the camera taking pictures is mounted high enough to see over fences and into yards, thereby violating certain expectations of privacy. Google has already shot 12 major Japanese cities, including Tokyo, but will be scrapping everything and starting over after modifications have been made to the camera mounts to lower their field of vision. Google StreetView was recently banned in Greece over privacy issues and other regions around the world have also not looked kindly on being invaded by the all-seeing swarm of Google cars. How do you see it?

[Source: JapanToday.com, Photo by carolmond | CC2.0]

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