Google Street View finds one fugly Buick and more

Wasting time scouring Google Maps with the company's new Street View feature has become our new favorite hobby. Earlier today we showed you one of the vehicles that's used to take the street level pictures. It turns out these vehicles capture some amazing things, and since they're on the ground rather than orbiting the earth, we can actually make out some cool stuff in the pics.

For instance, some mom must be so proud that her son parks his modified Buick Regal right in front of the house for all to see. He probably leaves the doors unlocked, because there's little chance anyone would approach that paint job voluntarily.

Thanks to a commenter, we found a site that's collecting all of the interesting photos the Street View cars find, and some of them are, of course, auto related. Take, for instance, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van that was snapped in a Palo Alto, CA parking lot. Or how about the license plate-less Mercedes-Benz of Steve Jobs? Then there are some incriminating photos that could get the Street View in trouble with their bosses. This one caught them in the drive thruhanging out at McDonalds, and this pic shows them amidst a flow of traffic that's exceeding the posted speed limit.

If you find something interesting related to autos while using Google Maps' new Street View feature, make sure to hit the Tip button above and send us the link.

Thanks to anonymous for the tip! (You know who you are)

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