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Beginning June 1, NISMO will begin taking pre-orders on a new ECU and Transmission Control Module (TCM) for the standard GT-R and its SpecV sibling. According to Nissan's motorsports arm, the ECU increases maximum boost pressure by 0.1 bar (1.5 psi) to crank-up low-end torque and enhance throttle response. The TCM tweaks supposedly deliver quicker downshifts and the speed limiter on the street (i.e. when not running on a GPS-approved race track) has been raised to 320 km/h – or just one tick shy of 200 mph.

But as you'd expect, there's a hitch. Aside from the sizeable buy-in (294,000 yen, or just over $3,000 US), NISMO will only rent the duo of upgraded controllers for a 24-month term. After which, you either return the ECU and TCM units or shell out an additional $329 per year to keep them on board. Both modules are covered by NISMO's warranty and deliveries begin on June 24.

[Source: GTRBlog]

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