California based Electric Motors Corporation (EMC) is pitching for some funding from the DOE's Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program so that it can set up a new factory in Elkhart County, Indiana. EMC is partnering with RV maker Gulf Stream Coach on the project and plans to start off by building a new hybrid drive system for light and medium duty trucks. Not a lot of information is available about the system, other than that the company just recently got some patents.
Ultimately, EMC and its partners want to expand the manufacturing facility to also include electric drive systems and complete vehicles. If everything pans out as hoped (and that always happens, right?), the factory would create 400 jobs next year and 6,000 by 2012. While we hope that EMC's plans pan out, we haven't really heard anything concrete about what they plan to build and, as 2009 nears the halfway point, getting anything running by the end of this year is looking nearly impossible. Thanks to David for the tip!


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