Click above for a high-res gallery of Roger Keeney's dream Mustang drive

It was Roger Keeney's dream to drive a new Ford Mustang. It sounds pretty simple - go down to your local Ford dealer, tell them you're interested in a new 2010 GT, and they hand over the keys, right? Well, there's one problem. Keeney has been blind since 1990 and hasn't been behind the wheel of a car in nearly two decades.

Despite his disability, the Athens, GA native thought it was worth a try to enter Ford's '10 Unleashed contest, a promotion for pony car fans to tell Ford how they would unleash their Mustang side. Despite his doubtful expectations, Keeney received a call from Ford a few weeks later and was on his way to their proving grounds in Phoenix, AZ to fulfill his dream of driving a new Mustang.

With some assistance from racing driver Tommy Kendall, Keeney was able to perform acceleration and braking tests, as well as a trip around the skidpad that naturally turned into a gleeful shredding of the tires. Think you've got a dream Ford can fulfill? Head over to the '10 Unleashed web site and tell them in 250 words or less how you would unleash your Mustang side.

[Source: Ford]

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