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We're spoiled, us supercar fans. With so many awesome road-munching beasts on the market, we've grown jaded. Which may go some ways towards explaining the general reaction to the GTA Spano. Here's an accomplished racing team unveiling an 840-horsepower, mid-engined V10 supercar and all anyone could say was "ho-hum, another cookie-cutter supercar from a new upstart."

Admittedly, the apathy was mostly centered on the Spano's styling, for which the initial batch of photos didn't do any favors. But a machine as promising as the GTA Spano at least deserves a second glance, and we're glad the good folks over at got a chance to give us exactly that. (A little jealous, mind you, but glad nonetheless.)

These real-world photos reveal the unique lines in the Spano's design, especially the arc that swirls around the greenhouse and melds into the rear spoiler, giving the Spano a fluid yet aggressive shape. But don't take our word for it, see for yourself in the high-res gallery below.

As if to compound our jealousy, our friends down under also got to spend some time behind the wheel. But though that's on embargo until September when the production-spec model hits the market, they've given us a little teaser video, which we've included after the jump. Oh, and one more thing: Spano also says they're working on a supercharged version, which promises to boost the Dodge Viper-sourced V10 to stratospheric levels of output. The future's looking bright.

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