EVS-24 Viking Rally rolls out with royalty and race car drivers

Henning Solberg and Leilani Münter, photo courtesy of ZERO

The 24th edition of the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) kicks off in a couple of days in Stavanger, Norway, and to get things rolling, so to speak, over 30 teams are competing in the EVS Viking Rally. The vehicles involved are a diverse mix of hydrogen-powered and all-electrics that include both H2 and PHEV Priuses, Th!nk Citys, Tesla Roadsters and a Lampo from Protoscar, among others. At least 8 countries are being represented by teams whose drivers are every bit as eclectic as the cars and count the Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and race car drivers Leilani Münter and Henning Solberg among their number.

Organized by ZERO, KNA, the Norwegian Automobile-Sport Federation, Norstart and HyNor, festivities officially began with the opening of the Hynor Hydrogen Road. Over the 3 days of the event, the vehicles will travel hundreds of kilometers from Oslo to Stavanger and compete in stages that include a hill climb, slalom and "regularity" tests. Hit up the official website to track the results and check out pics and video.

[Source: EVS Viking Rally via Leilani Münter]

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