After the FIA's rule change to allow a two-tier budgetary and technical regulation system in F1 next year, Toyota is the first team to come out and say it might not contest the 2010 season. After publishing next year's regulations, the FIA made May 29 the final day for teams to declare their intention to race next year and pay the entry fee. Toyota F1 team president John Howett, who is also vice-president of the F1 Teams Alliance (FOTA), said that unless a new situation is agreed to he can't see Toyota signing up, and he suggested that other competitors feel the same.

The flexibility of technical regulations accorded the capped teams is part of the issue. Patrick Head of Williams F1 said that the adjustable rear wing would be worth up to two seconds a lap, and non-capped teams couldn't make that up anywhere else no matter how much they spent. But if the big teams were to choose caps, there would be huge personnel issues in order to get down to a £40 million budget.

Ferrari head Luca de Montezemolo has made noises about not continuing, but the team has conspicuously had no official comment on the entire situation. Teams like McLaren and Williams, and drivers, have also spoken against next year's regulations. The teams are scheduled to meet with Max Mosley before the Monaco Grand Prix in two weeks time. Hat tip to Jarrett

[Source: Guardian]

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