2011 Chevy Orlando: Click above for gallery

General Motors is in the middle of a massive restructuring, and if it manages to escape catastrophe without going belly-up, good news could be in store for the Chevy brand. GM CEO Fritz Henderson told AutoWeek that the bowtie will emerge as the big winner in two years, with great quality and plenty of new product. The 2011 model year will (assuming there are no changes to the product calendar -- something that's hardly guaranteed) bring a variety of fuel-efficient vehicles to the Chevy brand with the arrival of the Cruze, Spark, Volt, and Orlando.

The Volt, with its purported extended-range electric capability, will get the limelight. But the Cruze, Spark, and Orlando are likely to be more impactful, since they're designed to be high-volume sellers with very competitive fuel economy figures. The new cars, combined with the drop-dead gorgeous Camaro (29 mpg hwy), the new Equinox (32 mpg hwy), and the Malibu, give Chevrolet a a significantly transformed, far more efficient product lineup.

With four new Chevys set to hit production in the next 19 months, the future of the brand looks bright... as long as GM can survive the tumultuous present.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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