Buell 1125R on ice - Click above to watch the video after the break

When Buell launched its new liquid-cooled 1125R sportbike in 2008, the brand that Erik built sent a message to the rest of the motorcycling world that it wasn't playing games any more. By all accounts, the 1125's Rotax-built Helicon V-twin engine is every bit the equal to other modern powerplants from Buell's competitors, and it's more than capable of pushing the machine into extra-legal velocities.

To drive that point home, Buell sent stunt rider Craig Jones (no, not that Craig Jones) to Lake Dellen in Sweden to see how fast he could get his 1125R to go. Wait, what... a top-speed run on a water? It seems that the lake in question ices over for a brief period in the dead of winter, which allowed the team to set up a huge expanse of wide-open space to have some wide-open throttle fun.

Jones' 1125R was specially prepared for the stunt with studded tires and a shot of nitrous. After it was all said and done, the Buell managed to hit 148.7 miles per hour (238 km/h). This achievement very well may be some sort of record, though, oddly enough, nobody seems to keep track of this particular statistic. We wonder why. Click past the break to watch the video. Thanks for the tip, John!

[Source: Buell via YouTube]


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