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Audi thinks that the same experience customers feel when entering one of their cars should be felt when entering a dealership, from "flowers to coffee cups." This is the reason why the marque based in Ingolstadt wants to create 30 "terminal" dealerships in the U.S. that combine the "efficiency, performance, luxury and environmental themes the brand has become known for." The environmental part of this new architecture comes from a global design that consolidates space, limits wasted areas and increases the use of natural light to save energy. The project was designed by Münich-based architecture office Allmann Sattler Wappner. Every dealership will apply individually for a LEED certification. Find the complete press release after the jump

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Progress in Design: Audi Redefines Dealership Architecture

- Audi investing $1 billion in dealership enhancements.
- 30 newly-designed Audi dealerships to be open by end of 2010.
- Efficient, sporty, luxurious, and environmentally conscious "terminal" architecture for Audi dealerships echoes vehicle designs.

HERNDON, Va., Apr 30, 2009 - Before stepping into a new car, you need to step into a dealership – an experience which has long been characterized as hectic, overwhelming, and disjointed. But what if a dealership was designed like a luxury vehicle itself, where every detail was taken into account – down to the flowers and coffee cups? The Audi commitment to progress goes beyond vehicles to redefining dealerships themselves. But not simply a facelift or surface upgrade. At Audi, progress is redesigning dealerships to encompass the entire Audi exclusive customer experience.

Designed by the renowned architecture firm of Allmann Sattler Wappner of Munich, Audi's new "terminal" dealerships combine the efficiency, performance, luxury, and environmental themes that the brand has become known for in its vehicles. Part of a $1 billion dealership investment, 30 Audi terminal dealerships will be open by the end of 2010.

Like Audi's vehicles, the new Audi terminal dealerships are crafted with efficiency in mind. The square, stackable design of the showroom efficiently uses space in both a crowded urban downtown setting and an open suburban community. The showroom literally fits as perfectly into the third floor of Chicago sky-rise building as it does off a California highway.

By consolidating space, limiting wasted areas, and using natural light, the new terminal dealerships save 30-40 percent in expenses compared to previous dealerships.

Audi's ability to combine that kind of efficiency with performance has placed the brand on top of the motor sport world. A homage to Audi's deep roots in motor sports can also be seen in the terminal design. The back wall of the dealership is a rounded curve simulating the sharp high-speed turns of motor sport racetracks which Audi vehicles are so adept at dominating.

As is clear in the new Audi TDI clean diesel vehicles, Audi understands the need for the automotive industry to be environmentally conscious. Therefore, the new terminal dealerships are designed with the environment in mind. While the showrooms attract and capture natural sunlight, glass amounts have been reduced throughout the building in order to direct the sunlight properly, keeping energy usage and expenses down. The terminal dealerships will individually apply for LEED certification, learning and improving future architecture based on the inspection process.

The Audi terminal dealership does not stop with the architecture. The custom-made furniture and accessories are all designed to fit into the Audi vision and enhance customers' car-buying experience. Audi encourages consumers to view a terminal dealership for themselves in Los Angeles, Atlanta, or the 30 others set to open by the end of next year.

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