Mildly mutilated Corvette ZR1 on eBay - Click above for an image gallery

We figured it was just a matter of time before a cracked-up Corvette ZR1 found its way onto eBay, and thanks to (we're assuming) a ham-fisted driver hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, a slightly marred example of Chevy's hottest Corvette can be yours for the Buy-It-Now price of $97,500.

According to the listing, the Cyber Gray ZR1 sustained damage to the driver's side rear, and while the bumper cover is torn and the left-side lower control arms are bent, we're more concerned with the cracks in the rear tub (see the arrows in this pic). Assuming the structural damage is repairable and the carnage is limited to the replaceable suspension and body bits, the ZR3 Premium Package-equipped ZR1 – with a clear title (?) and only 1,200 miles on the clock – could be Humpty-Dumptied back together for a reasonable sum. But for us, those cracks in the tub mean only one thing: track toy. Strip out the interior, mount a pair of lightweight buckets, a Stack display and a cage, then proceed to the nearest track -- but not before you try to crash (no pun intended) GM's two-day ZR1 driving school first.

[Source: eBay via CorvetteBlogger]

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