In the first battle royale between the all-electric motocross bikes from Quantya and Zero Motorcycles, it appears that Swiss precision has bested American muscle. Each manufacturer sent 5 bikes to compete in a special electric event at the AMA/Maxxis MiniMoto Supercross race and when all the laps were run and the dust settled, Quantya rider Brian Roth owned the top podium position with teammate David Lodermeier in firm possession of second. Blake Mitchell, who we've seen ride the X before, saved Zero some embarrassment by grabbing third place.

No word on when the next match up between these two might happen but we hope it's soon. Besides racing in the dirt, the two manufacturers could also meet on asphalt. Zero Motorcycles has already released a supermoto bike, the "S," for the street and Quantya has a supermoto that it's been showing off in it's homeland. While both companies are winners for offering environmentaly-friendly products like these, the real winner of this competition should be the consumer if the rivalry spurs development of even better electric bikes.

[Source: MiniMotoSX via QuantyaUSA twitterfeed]

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