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You may recall us mentioning how spotting aliens while driving your all-electric Zero X motorcycle could win you a free lithium battery (worth $2,950!). In their latest email update, besides telling us boring stuff about how they've quadrupled their production and can now fill orders in 4 weeks, Zero Motorcycles mentioned that their monthly video contest is now officially on. With a little browsing of the YouTubes, we were able to track down what might very well be their first entry.

Blake Mitchell, who claims a little riding experience, has put together a narrated clip that not only shows off the bike's abilities and features great shooting and editing, but also has a story line packed with drama, tragedy and humor. In short, it's pretty good. If you want to make your own mini-movie and maybe win a free Z-Force™ power pack, don't let his effort intimidate you, (he did go 20 seconds over the 2 minute time limit after all). Hit the jump to check out the competition.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles / YouTube]

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