These days, it's nearly impossible to find a new automobile that doesn't come equipped with a barrage of airbags to keep the driver and passengers safe in the event of an crash. That's all well and good, but what about the pedestrians that happen to be in the vehicle's line of fire?

A team in the U.K., led by Roger Hardy of Cranfield University, has developed a new hood-mounted airbag system that would theoretically improve the safety of pedestrians that come face-to-face with the windshield of your car. When not in use, the U-shaped airbag hides away underneath the car's hood at the base of the windshield and doesn't restrict the driver's view.

Just prior to impact, the airbag would deploy to protect the unfortunate pedestrian from making contact with the car's windshield or A-pillars. At the same time, the car's hood would rise to provide added crumple room over the engine compartment. The team believes its system could be put into production within five years without a substantial increase in cost while cutting pedestrian injuries in half.

[Source: Telegraph]

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